Ready for the School Year?

Wow!  The summer zoomed by!  Now, it’s time to get back into the routine of the school year. Looking for a smooth transition?  Try developing a regular routine.  Experiment with order of events.  Do what works best for you and your family.  Your afternoon/evening routine might look something like this: Empty and clean lunchboxes. Snack.  Small, nutritious.  (Might be leftovers...[ read more ]

What Are Your Options?

What have you been doing? Whatever it is… Does it “work” to take you toward or away from the kind of person you want to be? You can either… 1. Keep on doing what you’ve been doing 2. Decide to change what can be changed. 3. Decide to accept what can’t be changed, and simultaneously commit to demonstrating what matters...[ read more ]

What Brings You to the Present Moment?

Sooo…. What was going on in that last blog, you ask?  What was Doris trying to say? I was describing memories, thoughts and emotions.  My experiences were deepened by focusing on the memory itself or by focusing on any one of my five senses.  Even though calming myself was not the aim of this exercise, it was extremely soothing.  There...[ read more ]

What Captures Your Heart?

Every now and then, just every now and then. It happens. I’m suddenly caught up in the beauty of a moment. A memory. The twinkle of my grandmother’s eye. A loving smile from my mother, the sly turn of her head, a wink. A walk on the beach. Getting tickled. Making mud pies. Gathering the nerve to speak to the...[ read more ]


In my view, parenting/caregiving is probably one of the most significant things many of us do in our lifetime. But, sheesh. How do we do that? Do we raise our kids like our parents/caregivers raised us? Or just the opposite? Regardless… Here are a few tips to try. I believe you’ll find them useful, and hope you’re willing and able...[ read more ]

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