S A N D  T R A Y  T H E R A P Y

What is Sand Tray Therapy? Take a look at the pictures of the Sand Tray room in the “About” section, and you’ll see hundreds of miniature objects on the shelves and a couple of sand trays. During a session, you’ll be asked to choose objects and to create a “scene” or a “world” in the sand tray. Once you’ve completed your creation, you’ll be invited to discuss what you placed in the tray. For most, this type of therapy provides a very rich experience. Sand Tray Therapy can be profoundly helpful for a wide range of issues for both children and adults.

P L A Y  T H E R A P Y

Play is like language for a child. Play Therapy is an avenue for children to express themselves and to be understood. It’s a wonderful way to help them make sense of things in their lives and to help them learn to respond in healthy ways. Today’s neuroscience lends a great deal of evidence that Play Therapy can work to address all sorts of challenges that children face. And, grown ups, we can use Play Therapy for you, too!

The Original Frontier.
These are the journeys of our Children.
Their Life-long Mission:
To explore their world.
To have fun in the process.
To seek out new connections and new understanding.
To fortify themselves and build relationships.
To boldly grow up, trekking where they’ve never been before.


Video copyright of Association for Play Therapy

A C C E P T A N C E  &  C O M M I T M E N T  T H E R A P Y  [ACT]

Simply put, ACT is a mindfulness-based behavioral therapy. Sessions can be quite experiential and interactive, designed to help you deal with difficult thoughts and emotions. There is also an emphasis on defining personal values. You’ll learn how to act on values that are unique to you, in order to help you be the person you want to be and to help you develop a more meaningful life. ACT can be used successfully with both children and adults.

C I R C L E  O F  S E C U R I T Y  P A R E N T I N G

Circle of Security Parenting is an eight to twenty-session program (depending on group or individual needs) used to help parents understand simple and basic  principles behind raising a secure child. Often, the program is delivered in a group setting, but it can also be tailored to suit individual or couple sessions. See the video below for a bit more information.

Circle of Security Animation from Circle of Security International on Vimeo.


EMDR is a difficult therapy to articulate succinctly. I use EMDR when indicated and on a case-by-case basis. There are a number of factors to be considered when determining if it will be the right therapy for you. If EMDR is what you are seeking, or if you are simply curious, please contact me, with no obligation, to discuss further.

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