What Brings You to the Present Moment?

Sooo…. What was going on in that last blog, you ask?  What was Doris trying to say?

I was describing memories, thoughts and emotions.  My experiences were deepened by focusing on the memory itself or by focusing on any one of my five senses.  Even though calming myself was not the aim of this exercise, it was extremely soothing.  There is inherent value in consciously noticing what our senses are taking in at any given moment.

For those of you who suffer anger, anxiety, depression, grief or panic:  take note.  The following is a mindfulness exercise, similar to the one in that last blog.  This exercise may help you gain distance from difficult thoughts and emotions.  It’s intended to help you hang on while difficult thoughts and emotions are hanging out inside of you.  It connects you to the world outside your mind, and it brings you to the present.  Do this exercise slowly, truly taking in each moment as your senses take in your experience.  The goal is simply to lend another – perhaps healthier – way of dealing with difficult thoughts and emotions.

  • Notice and name five things you can see.
  • Notice and name four things you can hear.
  • Notice and name three things you can feel.
  • Notice and name two things you can notice with your nose.
  • Notice and name how it tastes in your mouth.

Experiment.  Give it a try.  The real beauty of this is you can do it anytime/anywhere.  Practice often.

As always, feel free to reach out to me with questions/comments.  Thanks for reading!


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