What Captures Your Heart?

Every now and then, just every now and then. It happens. I’m suddenly caught up in the beauty of a moment.

A memory.
The twinkle of my grandmother’s eye.
A loving smile from my mother, the sly turn of her head, a wink.
A walk on the beach.
Getting tickled.
Making mud pies.
Gathering the nerve to speak to the young man I would marry.

A sight.
A brilliant, sunny, blue sky.
A gentle mist blanketed over a meadow.
The bright green of spring.
The quiet confidence in the expression of my grandson.
The concern and care in my husband’s eyes.

A sound.
The strong and loving voices of my children.
The call of a mockingbird.
Nostalgic music hovering in the background.

A touch.
The weight and comfort of another’s hand on mine.
The softness and luxury of my favorite socks.
A beloved pet beneath my fingertips.

A smell.
The sweetness of honeysuckle drifting in the air.
The earthiness of a forest trail wafting up to meet me.

A taste.
The sparkle and sunniness of a mango.

I’m captured. My heart fills with joy. If even for a moment.

….Stay tuned for my next blog, expanding on the mental wellness benefits of the exercise above.

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